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If you are looking for something to listen to this weekend, check out the podcasts from Monday through Thursday and I think you'll find them entertaining.

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Different every week.

We always wrap up the week with Farmer Finishers and I have to tell you, I think you'll get a charge out of my handling of the Smash and Grab this week in Philadelphia. Each day here brings something different, that's for sure.

Some random tool.

Many of you out there don't know that our job is really easy. I ran into someone this week who commented that he could do our job. Do you folks ever hear that.? He said that must be nice to just show up and bulls--t for a while and get paid for it. I just said ya and left. I have no time for people like that.

There are a lot of jobs out there that I know I couldn't do. I almost went back in and said If you think you could show up every day at 4:55 am, have conversations for 5 hours, keep people interested, do on average 250 shows a year over the past 36 years, still keep people tuning in after 9000 shows, and not run out of things to talk about...then do it.

I know I could do his job which is a full-time lazy loser. I just ignore people like that, I have way too many things to do to waste my time arguing with someone like that.

I'm sure you folks hear it all the time, too about how lucky you are or, "Boy it must be nice." All of those people don't know how hard you worked to get there. They don't know the rest of the story, do they?

Thanks for listening and we'll see ya back here Monday at 5...

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