• I brined some boneless pork chops for the first time this week. And I will every time I cook them from here on out.
  • Zero birdies this week. But I did hit several trees.
  • Sheryl Crow's new song (featuring Stevie Nicks & Maren Morris) is a great song. She also has one with Joe Walsh, which is also good.
  • Even though the owners of both Pug Mahon's and Fiddler's Green have passed away, you can still get that famous pork chop sandwich at Fiddler's Green.
  • Rah Rah's on Highway 312 has a car show every Wednesday night AND great pizza and wings. They also have a drive through for "to go" orders.
  • Salt packets have varying amounts of salt in them. Pepper packets always have not enough" in my opinion.
  • While complaining about how many hours our daughter had spent on her phone one day, I couldn't help but wonder how many hours I logged playing with my Hot Wheels cars in my youth.
  • From the "40 Things About Me" challenge on Facebook: I'll just give a couple. My favorite Kool-Aid is black cherry. My worst pain wasn't when the scalding brisket juice dripped onto my sock, giving me third-degree burns on the top of my "gas pedal" foot, it was when I was applying Liquid Bandage. My bottle had disinfectant added in. Ow.

I'm going to call my buddy Mike Monsos today. He's the buddy that I haven't spoken to in the longest time.

Have a great weekend.


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