• On the air this week we covered how even though you can buy beer at the grocery store, you can't open one and drink it in there. Good to know.
  • Paul suggested that I go to ALL of Elton Johns farewell concerts.  I'm considering it.
  • It was a great week for music snippets. We played bits of songs from Olivia Newton-John, Chic, Slayer and also heard the old theme music from MTV.
  • We said goodbye to the old Elmers/Fuddruckers building in the heights.
  • The CMA award show was a pretty good one. Garth gave the best acceptance speech.
  • I have had this cold for seven days now and am ready for it to be gone.
  • Monday morning is when we kick off Flakesgiving. But that is a blog for next week.

Thanks for your support. Thanks for listening.


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