This week Gusicks announced that after forty years, they are closing the restaurant part of their business on May 27th. The bar and casino will still be open.

I love a good song title. So I'm looking forward to hearing Chase Rice's "Bad Day To Be A Cold Beer".

The show "Yellowstone" will be done after this season. I like the show and looked up filming locations. Everybody knows that the ranch is in South West Montana. But it doesn't actually border Yellowstone National Park.  And several scenes are filmed in Utah. Also, you can rent Rip's cabin for $1500 per night.

Mark on Yellowstone TV Show
Credit: Paramount Network, Mark Wilson

On Facebook (where I spend all my waking hours), I followed the story about a guy who got his ATV stolen along with the trailer it was sitting on. He had security camera footage. And did his research and got a bunch of the thief's information. And then wrote a post telling the bad guy everything he had learned about him. And told him he had until noon Thursday to bring back what he had stolen. The guy didn't. So the ATV owner along with 6 buddies grabbed some rifles and went and got his property back. Happy ending.

I see that there's an alpine roller coaster opening in Leavenworth, Washington. I'd like to ride it. If you're ever in central Washington, I'd recommend a visit to this little touristy town. It's beautiful there.

My favorite driving slogan is "Straightaways are for fast cars. Curves are for fast DRIVERS".

High Crime Increase In Brazil Creates Market For Armored Cars
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Don't tailgate and have a great weekend.

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