Montana Millionaire

Tickets sold out very quickly this week. I was told that they were selling 76,000 tickets an hour. I got mine. I'm gonna be a great rich guy.

Famous Deaths

Actor Matthew Perry of "Friends" was found dead this week. Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight also passed. But on social media, Knight didn't get near the coverage that Perry did.

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We get to set our clocks back this weekend.

Access to music

I miss doing our "Golden Oldies Hour". The company took most of the classic country out of the computer and our CD players don't work anymore. I always got a kick out of the listeners who would call in and request the same song every time.

BPD and gang violence

Chief Of Police Rich St John held a press conference to comment on the gang activity that we now have here in Billings. We now have seventeen adult gangs and seven juvenile ones. Keep your eyes open.

Flakes trip

We had a great turnout at Godfathers Pizza for our Flakes Trip stop by. It's always great to talk to the people who listen to our show but never call in. We even had a couple of gentlemen stop by just to shake our hands. Theresa (the boss lady) and Jack Harper (the manager) have been friends of ours for many years. And anytime that I need a taco pizza, Godfathers is my favorite.

Our trip party is on Saturday, November 11th at the Rhodside Event Center in Huntley. Then the Monday after starts Flakesgiving week. Busy time of year, but it's a great time of year for us.

Have a safe weekend. see you at 5 a.m. Monday.

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