Some sad parts to my week.

I have known a gal named Lisa Lovell since kindergarten in grade school. This week, she lost her dad who was not just a federal judge, but the federal judge who was the initial judge on the Unabomber case. But his best work was as Lisa's dad. And that hits home for me as it was 8 years this week since I lost my dad.

Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

Then another loss. From about 9th grade through a couple of years after high school, there was a group of us guys who all ran together. And somebody's dad dubbed us "The Squirrel Squad". In our minds, we are aware all a bunch of race car-driving lady killers. But as time went on and some of the gang got married and moved away, you lost touch. We found out that we lost one. Rick Bernie has passed. So, now there's talk of trying to do a reunion before we lose anybody else.

On a lighter note, I learned this week that these new-fangled driverless cars are programmed not to speed.

Makita makes a cordless, self-propelled wheelbarrow. It comes complete with LED lights to illuminate your work area. If you are in need of a new one and you have $1,500 laying around, you can buy one.

And another week of problems with the app. Thanks for letting us know when it's not performing correctly. We are apparently the only station in the company that can't pull it off. I will continue to nag away at management until it gets resolved. And according to several ex-girlfriends, I can be quite stubborn.

Peace, out it's the weekend. Be safe.

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