For all of you who use the phrase, I'm writing to let you know that today is "my Friday".

Of all the zillion ads that I saw on Facebook this week, I liked two of them. One was a flask that comes disguised as a driver that goes in your golf bag, so you can pour yourself a shot anytime the mood strikes you. And the other was a costume from Oriental Trading online. When you wear it, you'll look like the prize wheel from The Price Is Right game show.

wheel of fortune costume
Credit: Oriental Trading website / Canva

We had a huge turnout Thursday at Guadalajara's for the Flakes trip sign-up. We even had a few of our fellow travelers stop by for a visit, including Corey, who won our very first trip 27 years ago.

While watching a little bit of last night's Dolphins-Bengals game, I recalled how glad I am that I gave up fantasy football. I guarantee that if I was still playing, my quarterback would have been Tagovailoa.

The Flakesgiving Fund picked up the bills for another metal detector for Shepherd school. And we also sponsored three "sniffs" at Shepherd, Huntley Project, and Laurel schools. K316 Detections LLC. It's always been important to us to try and help keep our schools safe.

The story about my Sheryl Crow golf towel will be arriving at this address soon.

See, I'm not impossible to buy for. I can always use golf balls and bullets.

And finally, I think I may have found next year's team shirts for the T-Bone Classic Golf Tournament. A little tip for you. If all of your teammates are female, fashion becomes important. And everybody is going to match.

Credit: Mark Wilson
Credit: Mark Wilson

Have a great weekend.

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