Except for 2 shows at The Wynn in Las Vegas January 3rd and 4th, none of the other dates have been published yet. He's touring to support the release of his new box set ‘Blame It All on My Roots’. The tour would be the first in 12 years for Brooks who dominated the chart during the 1990's. Personally I'm very excited because I've never had the chance to see Garth Brooks perform live.

If he's reading this I'd just like to he has many friends in low places here in the Magic City. Rimrock Auto Arena at Metra Park seats 12,000 people and the surrounding communities from Bozeman to Sheridan that Billing draws from is nearly 500,000 strong. I bet you could pack 2 full houses. Just something to consider when you're deciding upon which cities to visit. Bring Trisha with you, Billings will treat you right!

While you're here we thought we might suggest a few songs for your track list:

The Beaches of Cheyenne (We're too close to Wyoming not to play this)
Friends In Low Places
The Dance
Unanswered Prayers
The Thunder Rolls
Two Pina Coladas

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