Over the years I've gotten some pretty cool gifts from my family and friends, and the other day I  got an unexpected late Christmas gift from my family that they had ordered, and it was well worth the wait. I've gotten everything from clothing and jewelry to alcohol and candy for Christmas. My husband and I were hoping for an ultrasound from our son and daughter in-law, but no go, that's ok when it's time it will happen. Leading up to Christmas, my family kept telling me that I would love what they got me and that is was something that I would love, just not buy for myself, and they were right. They got me several things (I was really spoiled), but two of my favorite gifts were a digital picture frame and a record purse, in all honestly I had no idea what a record purse was, until now that is. The purse is made out of George Strait's album "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind." They actually made the purse out of the vinyl record. One side is a picture of the King of country music, George himself, and the other side of the purse is the list of songs.

Credit: Karen Gallagher Townsquare Media
Credit: Karen Gallagher Townsquare Media

My family ordered it from bandinmyhand.com, and said it was between George Strait and Cher. I love both of them, but in all honesty they made the right choice.  Now the purse isn't really big enough to use on a daily bases, nor would I want to. I will use it for special occasions. This is the coolest gift ever and it's so unique. What super cool gifts have you gotten over the years?

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