This sweet puppy melted our hearts like his namesake promised today at Townsquare Tower. Ghirardelli, the 10-week-old heeler mix, brightened our studios today. If you are looking for a beautiful puppy to take home and you like getting kisses from puppies, Ghirardelli is the one for you. You can find all the information regarding how to adopt him as well as the other animals at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter by visiting their website below.

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About Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has been around the Billings Community since 2007 and became the official city companion for sheltering animals in 2009. Since the creation of YVAS, they have become the largest animal shelter in Montana, with over 5,000 animals coming through their doors each year.

Right now, YVAS is more than just a shelter. They work toward reuniting lost pets with their owners, provide adoption services, offer foster care for pets, and go out of their way to volunteer in the community.

Last Week's Wet Nose Wednesday

7-year-young Bonsai was our featured Wet Nose last week. He was nervous at first but really enjoyed meeting our crew. Check out Bonsai's feature from last week here.

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Vintage Photos Of Montana

It's hard to imagine what Yellowstone National Park would look like in black and white. We are so used to seeing the colors that make it one of America's favorite travel destinations. Jezel Doughert's grandmother passed away and like many of us do, she spent hours going through years and years of history, from old yearbooks to news clippings, to pictures. Jezel sent me a piece of history that, if not for her, I wouldn't be able to share with you.

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