• Three rounds of golf at three different courses. In Red Lodge Thursday I had probably the best putting day of my life. Lots of "One Putts."
  • I had lunch at Montana's Rib & Chop House this week. If they have Crab and Corn chowder, order a bowl. Same with the lobster bisques at the west end Jake's.
  • Paul made a good analogy about dry thunderstorms and the dry heaves.
  • He also explained how Ritz Crackers aren't actually made in Ritzville, Washington.
  • It was good to run into Johnny Link when I was in Red Lodge. That poor guy had to give Paul and I ski lessons back in the day.

We were given something pretty special this week. Now, we've been given a lot of hats, t-shirts, pizzas, blizzards, olive oil, assorted baked goods, the list goes on and on. Earlier this week we were visited by our police chief, Rich St. John and he presented us with these challenge coins to thank us for helping to raise money for the body cameras for our police department.

We will continue collecting money all next week and present him with a check when he comes back in on our show on Monday, the 24.

Please make checks payable to:

Th Flakesgiving Fund

PO Box 1276

Billings, 59103

Thanks for supporting us and our police officers.

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