Last Sunday, the 14th of April, it was the birthday of Pete Rose. He's 83 now and starting to get up in years. The greatest hitter of all time, or at least the hitter with the most hits, is not in the Hall of Fame.

It probably won't happen either while he is alive, but I think someday after he's gone, he'll get in. We see that a lot with so many stars and icons, that they are never recognized until AFTER they die. Wouldn't it be nice to honor those folks while they are still here?

I see that a lot at funerals too, where people say the things that they could never say while that person was alive.

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As far as our, by that I mean the Flakes, career is concerned, I know we will never be recognized by our peers. Maybe it's because we defied radio protocol and never followed the structure established by those before us. That's okay, that's not why we do what we do.

However, if you would look at all the things that we have done over the last 36 going on 37 years here at the Cat, no one can even come close. Just our foundation alone and its benefits to so many different communities and people are unmatched and not even heard about anywhere else. Not to mention the ratings dominance that has occurred over the last almost 40 years.

When we are gone, there will be no studios named after us, no statues, no road names, no hall of fame, but we'll carry with us the loyalty and support we received for YOU. And to me, that's the best testimonial a professional can have.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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