It's conventional wisdom that computers and modern technology have raised our collective standard of living. In some instances there is no argument. Computer models predicting severe weather, GPS's in our smart phones and (in my case) organizational tools like Outlook calendars have saved lives, time and made us more productive.

Technology however, has the ability to completely shut down our day as well. A computer virus renders many of us worker bees useless as we can't get our work done if a particular program doesn't operate properly. In the old days the only virus that would prevent you from doing your job was cholera, viral gastroenteritis or ebola. Suppose your a regional sales manager or Vice Presidnet and your workstation is running like a top but for some reason broadband is down in your area; instead of preparing your latest sales report for your corporate masters you're sitting on your butt flipping pencils at the acoustic ceiling above your cubicle or catching a catnap. Either way you'll have to stay late and miss your daughters' birthday party or finish up tomorrow... which will cut into the time you can schmooze with your national clients, potentially costing you and your company revenue.

In my case my technical savvy has made it so I can get much more done in a day as evidenced by the fact I was working on 3 different projects on 3 different computers simultaneously(photo above). "But I thought added productivity was a positive" you say. Sure, but when I end up working the same hours for the same money then today's technological advances just manage to enrich the rich and create a way for me to bring 3 times the value to corporate America with no added benefit due to my talents... and give me an ulcer when the tech doesn't work right making me put in more time at the office. Ugh.

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