• Sheltering In Place for over 30 days. I'm over it. I'm ready to have my freedom back.
    • Our governor's phone number is 406-444-3111, in case you need it.
    • I saw how a 3D printer works for the first time this week.
    • Let's see, it snowed Thursday, I golfed Friday and it could snow again Saturday. I love where I live.
    • I now know that a roll of toilet paper lasts me four weeks. Also, if I have a 4-year supply, is that hoarding? Asking for a friend.
    • I would defy the stay-at-home order to get a haircut.
    • I was surprised to learn that "tattletales" are snitching on businesses who defy the shutdown order. Mind you're own business.
    • I hope you got to hear our "hate mail" that we got Wednesday.
    • You can win up to $10,000 with the Break Flakes $10K Stimulus Package. We give three words out each weekday.
    • I might drive to Cody this weekend just so I can talk to a waitress and have a sit-down meal.
    • Thanks for listening.
    • Lastly, I've got a sneaky feeling that there's a revolution on its way. Soon.

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