Even the die-hard fan of professional sports is having a hard time keeping up with the schedule of tournament games, with so many leagues creating new formats to determine their champions. Many other fans aren't watching because of the social issues and "politics" they feel are taking over their pastime.

If you've not been paying attention, let's get you caught up with who's still playing.

Before we get into who is left in the NBA finals, and the schedule for the upcoming Major League Baseball playoffs, did you know the NHL (National Hockey League) just completed their "tournament." And the team hoisting the Stanley Cup trophy this year is...The Tampa Bay Lightning. Yes, there's a hockey team in Florida, and they are the 2020 champion.

After months of playing games "in the bubble" at a sports complex on the campus of Walt Disney World in Orlando, the NBA is down to 2 teams. As expected, the Lebron James led Los Angeles Lakers made it to the finals after beating the Denver Nuggets. The surprise team in the NBA championship is the Miami Heat, beating the Boston Celtics to make their first finals since 2014, which was Lebron James' last year with the Miami Heat.

The NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat is a best-of-seven, and tips off tomorrow (Wednesday 9/30) at 7pm from Orlando.

Major League Baseball wrapped up their 60-game season this past weekend, with American League playoff games beginning today (Tuesday 9/29). Here are the first round match-ups for the best-of-three MLB playoff games (seed)

  • N.Y. Yankees (5) versus Cleveland Indians (4)
  • Toronto Blue Jays (8) versus Tampa Bay Rays (1)
  • Chicago White Sox (7) versus Oakland A's (2)
  • Houston Astros (6) versus Minnesota Twins (3)

Here are the first-round match-ups for the National League that will be played on Wednesday (9/30):

  • Cincinnati Reds (7) versus Atlanta Braves (2)
  • Miami Marlins (6) versus Chicago Cubs (3)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (5) versus San Diego Padres (4)
  • Milwaukee Brewers (8) versus Los Angeles Dodgers (1)

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