Lynyrd Skynyrd has nobody in the band named Lynyrd or Skynyrd. And their lead singer is Johnny Van Zant. He's the younger brother of the band's original lead singer, who was killed in a plane crash. Johnny and another brother, Donnie (who's in 38 Special) had some country hits when they teamed up and called themselves Van Zant.

Apparently we, the taxpayers, owe others affordable housing now. Get some roommates. It will build character. And the stories about them will last a lifetime.

It took eight minutes yesterday to buy Claritin that I take for my allergies. The pharmacist has to fill out paperwork and check my I.D. When I mentioned that cigarettes are also bad for you, she said, "Well, there's a lot of bad people out there."

And I said, "I agree. But punish THEM. Not Me".

After commenting on somebody's post about television shows that I never watched, I found out that there are a lot of us who didn't tune in for Seinfeld every week.

A bunch of country music artists have gotten together and recorded a bunch of John Anderson songs. I always liked his stuff. Especially "Wild & Blue".

Somebody else can have my electric car.

Those seafood boil kits from Alaskan Seafood Guys are starting to look pretty appealing.

I sure hope somebody buys the Pickle Barrel and keeps it open. I've got fond memories of playing paintball with the original owner. He would make cheese steak sandwiches and put them on his pickup motor. When we were done shooting each other up (or ran out of paintballs), we would have warm sandwiches on a cool fall afternoon. Good times.

Have a great weekend and please remember to vote for 'Witness', Paul's son, for the NBA2k all-star game.

LOOKING BACK: The Cat Country All-Stars

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