This is the answer to the question I'm asked most often: "How do you get up so early?" My answer is always, "I need the money."

Actually, in the early years, I was still out jitterbugging and chasing women until all hours. Some days I would hit the snooze button more than once.

But it wasn't too long into it that I figured out that sleep was vital. Once my body adjusted to the hours, I've been a morning person ever since.

I originally bought my little alarm clock about 20 years ago. It was purchased to be a second alarm source. I think I paid less than five bucks for it. Nowadays I hear the coffee pot start, so I never sleep all the way until 3:20, my normal alarm time.

The second most asked question I get is "How much vacation time do you two get, anyway? GEEEEZ!" Four weeks. That's it. I know when you add the time off for Flakes trips and national holidays, it seems more than that. But it's not.

One thing that I find interesting is the traffic that is on the road when we are driving to the station every morning. I leave my driveway at exactly 4:41 every morning. I see a lot of the same vehicles each morning. I see one lady who has a personalized license plate and she's in her third different vehicle with that plate on it.

I also gas up the vehicles on my way to work because there is never a line at the pumps at that time of day.

But a cup of coffee at a drive-through is a little scarce.

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