I played a couple of the School House Rock snippets this morning.

Since I know that you're busy, I'll just tell you what I found out about it on Wikipedia.

An advertising executive named David McCall had a son who was having trouble learning his multiplication tables. But the child had no trouble memorizing Rolling Stones song lyrics. So he hired a musician to write songs about multiplication. "Three Is A Magic Number" was his first composition. They pitched it to ABC as a television series and it worked.

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School House Rock did songs about multiplication, grammar, science, economics, history, and civics. The series originally ran from 1973-1985.

As a student, I did good with math but School House Rock helped me a lot with "Conjunction Junction" and "Unpack My Adjectives". I learned the preamble to the constitution in high school to the tune that SHR had put to it.

They revived it and ran it again from 1993-1996.

And then, because we can't leave a good thing alone, they did another version of SHR attacking climate change.

If you've got a young student at your house, these might be worth revisiting. Especially if you haven't seen them in a long time (like me).

To be honest, a review of the science-related things that I know might not be the worst idea. I could definitely use a refresher on everything that they cover in "Computer Rock"

I'm also going to check out "Don't Be A Carbon Sasquatch."

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