The bells and whistles on today's new vehicles amaze me, but my driver's ed teacher would never believe what's going on. Last night while watching TV, I saw a commercial for a new pickup where they are actually encouraging you to take both hands off of the steering wheel at the same time while you're tooling down the road. I get yelled at if I took even ONE hand off the wheel. My defense was that my dad drove like that. And I was going to need that right arm to put around my girlfriend. He wasn't buying it.

Next, we're going to sell you vehicles with little TV screens in them. No, I'm serious.

I don't know if you are observing other drivers when driving, but I do. Not too many Billings drivers are aware that you have to be hands-free when you're making a phone call. Some of you have dash-mounted cell phone holders that mount right above your factory screens.

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One innovation that I am a big fan of is the cameras in vehicles now. I think my pickup has 18 of them. I can almost parallel park now without backing into somebody's vehicle. And they keep me from driving through my garage wall because the garage isn't big enough.

Also, seat heaters. I haven't had to sleep in my car in about 30 years. But seat heaters would make that a little more manageable should I have to.

Looking forward to seeing you all in traffic where I'll have a cheeseburger in my left hand, steering with my knee while I'm thinking about how unsafe you all are.

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