I found another thing that I'm not qualified to do anymore.

Ordering Pizza.

I had to make a part run late yesterday and I thought I would order a pizza. So I called Godfathers and I forgot they were closed on Mondays. Dang it.

So next on the list was Papa John's. I don't know what in the hell that was but by the time I answered 10 questions by hitting certain numbers on the phone they were asking me to enter my credit card number and I still hadn't talked to anyone yet to take my order. Plus I didn't want to pay by credit card, I wanted to pay cash. Scratch them off the list.

So one more try. How about Dominoes? Ring, ring, ring. Thank you for calling Domino's Pizza Listen to the -- *click* I hung up.

I can't even order a flipping pizza anymore unless I have phone relations with some automated system. Pizza Hut isn't Pizza Hut anymore it's some wings and things or something so the heck with it.

I took my parts and went home to my dog. I asked him what he wanted to eat and told him to make the following choices by pushing three on his phone.

First, I couldn't get a haircut just by showing up. Now I'm going to starve to death because I can't order anything without using an app.

Do people even talk to people anymore or is the art of conversation (or customer service) a thing of the past?

Stay safe out there and we'll TALK again tomorrow at 5 a.m.

A Day in Lewistown, Montana

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