Ice is by far the worst.

Yesterday was a real problem for travelers because of the ice. I didn't realize how bad it was until I decided to fix my flagpole. As I climbed up, I noticed the ice on the north side of the pole. It was between a quarter to a half-inch thick. I sent the picture to what I thought was Facebook but I don't know where in the hell it ended up.

I can't remember when we had that much ice accumulate before. I'm surprised that there weren't more branches down or power out.

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Drivers came to their senses.

Hundreds of wrecks were reported but after everyone saw all the broken glass and plastic pieces on the roads they all got the message. By afternoon yesterday things had calmed down and for the most part this morning it was an uneventful commute. It only takes one time of sliding or not getting stopped and people get the message.

Warmth is on the way.

Next week looks promising, with warmer weather on the way. If you drive to rural areas that have gumbo roads, the slick problem will start all over again. Wet gumbo is as slick and iffy as ice. You hunters in the breaks know how bad it can be.

Join us in Mexico.

You know you're in Montana when you need chains for the mud and not the snow. The roads should be fine for you to stop at the Bet Casino tonight on King for a Flakes Trip sign-up. You could be going to Mexico with us where the only ice problem is having it melt too quickly in your margarita...

See you tomorrow at 5.

September 2019 Snowfall in Montana

September 2019 Snowfall in Montana

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

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