• I live in a great neighborhood. Special shout-outs to Cotti Bushfield and Jared Haworth.
    • I don't want a vaccine that they are paying you to get.
    • The White House is now editing what reporters can quote them on, according to a recent story from Fox News.
    • Our temperatures will be in the eighties next week.
    • I learned earlier this week how much people here miss the Kit Kat, Elmers, and Pug Mahon's.
    • I'm getting to where I dread every Wet Nose Wednesday. We've been introduced to some pretty great dogs. I'm just not home enough to be a dog owner. In a related story, I don't think the penalties for animal cruelty are stiff enough.
    • if I ever meet the inventor of the Zetta computer operating system for radio stations, it won't be pretty. The main problem seems to be that it was designed for voice tracking, where disc jockeys record their shows in advance. Live shows like ours can change directions so quickly that this computer can't keep up. I have named ours "It's Not Supposed To Do That."
    • I posted on my Facebook page an interview that Norma Ashby did with my dad about 15 years ago. In it, he talks about how he got started in radio. His Grass Roots Gold program is approaching fifty years being on the air. I drank my coffee and watched all thirty-two minutes of it. A lot of folks commented on it. And a lot of those folks I have known more than half of my life. The last few years he was alive, we had all the conversations that fathers and sons are supposed to have. I asked all the questions that I wanted to except one. I never asked him how he dealt with losing HIS dad. I could use some advice on that.
    • Have a great weekend. See you Monday at 5.

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