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In case you missed the program this morning, we were asking where folks wanted their ashes spread when they die. Most of the places picked by our callers were beautiful spots that they had visited in their lifetimes.

I wanted to make sure that I jotted down what I want to be done with my ashes. All of my spots are also associated with great memories from my past.

The first handful can go on the number five tee box at the Anaconda Hills Golf Course in Great Falls. That was the number one hole when I took the game up in 1975. My grandfather Les and my great uncle Tommy made sure that I got a ride to the course so I'd be hooked on golf for life. It worked.

Next, stop is about a half-mile east of Giant Springs State Park. Dad took me fishing here in the early '70s and it was a great memory.

Next, we head to Seeley Lake and leave some ashes there. Just sprinkle anywhere along the shoreline near the Big Larch Campground, and maybe a little on the Double Arrow Golf Course. You can pick the hole.

Here in Billings, please place a little of what's left of me on the overlook above the Heights Applebee's. I spent a lot of time parked up there watching the days go by.

If there's anything left, somebody ask Monsos to spread them at the sight of our epic camping trip in the Highwoods back in 1982.

Please make sure that they play John Denver's "Sweet Surrender" during my service.

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