Swifties unite.

We were talking about Taylor Swift this morning. She won 9 more VMA awards last night, and rather than count how many, I've chosen to highlight some of the more unique ones that she's won.

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A little background.

In country music, we have categories for best male/female vocalist and entertainer of the year. In Taylor's world (and right now it is very much her world), you can win all kinds of awards.

Awards won.

She has won the "Ten Songs That I Wish I'd Written" award. She's got a bunch of awards for best record/song/album in multiple years.

There are also awards for best video with a social message for "Mean," and she won "Best Kiss" with Tyler Lautner from MTV. She's even got awards from Italian MTV, which I didn't even know existed.

She was nominated but didn't win the "Worldwide Instagrammer Of The Year".  She also won "Shade Of The Year" with Katy Perry. She's even got a "Best Cover Woodie" from the MTVU Woodie Awards, (It's OK I don't know what that is either).

The Nashville Songwriters voted her "Songwriter Of The Decade" in 2022.

She even picked up a trophy for being "The Best Solo Act In The World" from the NME Awards in 2020.

Personal history.

Back when she was first starting in the business, she played a show at a bar in Great Falls and my dad got to interview her. He told me two things about her: one, she was extremely respectful, and two, that this kid was going to be huge. Dad had been interviewing country music stars for 40 years, and he could tell that there was something special about her. Great prediction, dad.

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