Yes and it's called the Crystal Lou as you can see in the photo above. Great drink specials, free popcorn, slot machines and the nicest toilets you've ever seen! Haven't you always wanted to do your business on a bowl made out of Waterford Crystal? Me too! Of course in reference to the English slang for toilet the word is actually spelled "Loo".

Okay, this isn't a new bar. Obviously it's the Crystal Lounge sign where half of "Lounge" was burned out but it struck me as funny. I'm always amazed at how a missing letter or two or the wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable can completely change the context of something. In California there is a fast food chain called In N Out Burger. They used to give out bumper stickers but stopped that practice several years ago because people were cutting the B and the R off of the word Burger and changing the meaning... but I digress.

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