Not so new law.

Now it's the law. On October 1st, a new law kicked off in our state called the Move Over Montana law.

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It requires that everyone move over to the right when emergency vehicles are approaching. Silly me, I thought that was already a law. This one comes with some hefty fines and jail time for serious violators whatever that is.

A bit of clarification.

The Move Over Montana law should also include slower traffic. Slow-moving vehicles in the passing lane are also posing a danger. Trucks always stay in the right lane unless they have to pass. Why? Because they are slower and impede a smooth traffic flow.

Worst drivers.

The worst drivers I have found that don't move over are the ones from Minnesota. I don't know why but they feel if they are going the speed limit, they are perfectly fine in the left lane. We were always taught that if you are slower you stay to the right and the left lane was for passing.

In conclusion.

Obviously, the move to the right law is tougher on single-lane highways but you still are required to make an effort to get over.

I feel sorry for these emergency workers that respond to accident scenes and the traffic doesn't slow. Remember just a few years ago, we lost a tow truck driver to that very thing.

If it takes a new law to get people's attention and a few ten thousand dollar fines to get the message across and save the life of someone, then it's well worth it.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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