While we're still three months away, it looks like Elmo and a Harry Potter DVD game could be the top selling toys during the 2011 holiday season. Let's Rock Elmo and Scene it? Harry Potter: The Complete Cinematic Journey are two of the favorites that have made the list of the 20 hottest toys compiled by the Toy Insider to help shoppers find the perfect gifts for children.

Laurie Schacht, co-publisher of the Toy Insider said:

The list tries to take some of the stress out of shopping. We don't want the toys to end up at the bottom of the closet. We look for toys that engage the children fully.

The biggest toy trend this year is social games that promote face-to-face interaction between children and their parents such as the Redakai Championship Tin, which is recommended for six to eight-year-old children and uses trading cards with 3-D and animation features. Angry Birds Plush toys are also expected to be a hit for children six to eight years old.

Educational learning is another big trend with Leapfrog's Leap Pad, a learning tablet designed specifically for children aged three to five and includes a built-in camera and video recorder. Other favorites on the list include the Justin Bieber Rockin' Tour Bus and Concert Stage, the uDraw Game Tablet, Pocoyo Swiggletracks, Plasmabike and Chuggington Interactive Railways.