We hear it every year around this time from our friends at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. "It's kitten season."

And this week for Wet Nose Wednesday, we're featuring two kitties that are looking for their FURever home.

YVAS was creative when naming these 8-week-old male kittens. 2 Car Garage and Master Bathroom are their names and if you would like to find out more information about adoption or to set up a time to meet them at the shelter, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: The featured Wet Nose from last week named Tigger was adopted. She was the dog that had a stomach full of bladder stones that needed to be removed.

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If you need some working cats on your farm or ranch, Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter still offers "at-risk cats" free of charge, and they also offer delivery.

The YVAS Working Cat Program is a "mutually beneficial partnership for at-risk cats and humans needing rodent control," and they describe at-risk cats as "feral or semi-feral cats, house-soiling cats, etc."

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If you want to browse through pictures of other cats waiting to be adopted at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, CLICK HERE.

To see the DOGS who are looking for their forever home at YVAS, CLICK HERE.

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter will have its Summer Education Series tomorrow (Friday 6/3) at Roots Garden Center on Poly Drive.

From Critter Camps for children, AKC dog obedience classes, volunteer & foster opportunities, to our Working Cat Program and everything in-between, visit our interactive booths to meet members of the YVAS team and learn what the shelter is all about!

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