As we do every week, it's time to wrap things up with Farmer Finishers.

Had Troy Downing on this morning as he continues his run for Congress; hope you had a chance to hear him as we try to get the candidates in for you.

Also, this week we did a little research on the guy who makes fun of Tim Sheehy because he bought his ranch. So did I, so it struck a nerve, so I did some digging and found out his daddy bought theirs and then gave it to him to run; that must be nice.

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We have a big concert announcement coming on Monday along with some "win them before you can buy them" tickets.

Also, this week, Tanya Tucker will be coming to Alberta Bair, so you can get tickets for that. I think they start at 65 dollars plus fees. We brought Tanya to Metra many years ago in one of our free concert promotions. She was 20 minutes late from the start time. The Gazette wrote this scathing review about us and mentioned how we fumbled the ball. The head man at the time had an ongoing feud with us because we were killing his paper. Later, he apologized because she was breastfeeding her new baby before she went on. Anyway, she does a great show if you want to see it.

The biggest ticket run this week will be for "The Price is Right." I don't get it, but people love it, so good luck.

Have a great weekend, and don't put the flowers in yet; frost all weekend.

See ya Monday at 5.

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