I have moved all over this country, into various houses and the most interesting thing I have ever found upon a move in was a broken kid's toy.

I'm sure if I dug harder there might be more, but quite frankly I'm too lazy to start digging and I am definitely not tearing down walls or breaking up floors. That would be unless I had a really good hint that something was to be found of course.

This couple basically had it handed to them.

A Phoenix, Ariz. couple moved into a home and was doing renovations when they found a safe. It contained $50,000 in cash and a bottle of whiskey from 1960. They found the safe's combination in a medicine cabinet. They later found the safe in the floor under the kitchen. The home has had six previous owners so the couple has no idea who the money belongs to. Nor do I think they really care to find them.

What weird or funny things have you found upon moving into a home or an apartment? 406-248-5665!

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