So, did we ever find out from Northwestern Energy what caused the big power outage?

To the lady who does the Lume deodorant commercials on TV, 2 things. One, please quit yelling at me. Two, no commercial needs to contain the words "butt crack". That is all.

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As soon as I can get my hands on the new Sawyer Brown song, we'll play it. "Petty Country" is on its way. It's an album of Tom Petty's songs done by country artists. Dierks Bentley does "American Girl" and Wynonna teams up with Lainey Wilson on "Refugee".

The "Common Thread, Songs Of The Eagles" sold quite well. "Nashville Outlaws, A Tribute To Motley Crue", not so much.

The time has come. I am breaking up with the Mint Carwash. It doesn't get my pickup clean enough.

Kip Moore is coming to Montana!

It's the 50th Sweetgrass County Recreation Association poker run in Big Timber tomorrow.

The golf courses around here are opening up.

I saw some drone footage shot over the Knife River gravel pit that's next to Pioneer School. I'd like to see the grand plan for what this is going to look like when it's all said and done. Also, I hope you like geese.

It appears that we, the taxpayers, will be funding two parking garages at Billings West and Billings Senior. We just saved 23 million dollars.

And here's a rare preview of an article that I'll write next week that was suggested to we. "The one that got away". Everybody's got one that they think maybe they should have married. But not everybody missed out on a Weiner mobile girl.

Have a great weekend.

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