Pick and choose.

If you have the opportunity to be picky about what type of cheese goes on your burger, sandwich, or salad, what is your go-to?

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Not so adventurous.

I'm the least daring person when I dine out, but this weekend I ordered a cheeseburger and was given the cheese choices of America, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, or horseradish cheese. What?!  So, I thought that I'd try the horseradish.

I'm usually a pepper jack cheese on my burgers guy, but it was time to live a little. So, my burger arrives and I take the first bite. The flavor was really good...but when my scalp started to tingle and sweat on the first bite, I knew I was in trouble. The only way that I would try it again is if I could get it sliced really thin.

Mark's preferences.

I like cheddar on my salads, but I don't get cheddar at Subway because it's not cheese slices. It's cheese sprinkles=deal breaker.

The Philly cheese steak at the High Horse is the only place where I get provolone cheese. And I know that I should have a salad but the loaded crushed potatoes are just too good to pass up.

The jalapeno cheddar at Fuddruckers is one of my favorites—great taste but not too hot.

Central Feed Company in Lewistown is just across the street from the Yogo Inn. They have a burger that has your choice of cheese with peanut butter, jelly, and jalapenos.......which was also way too hot for me, but it sure was good.

What are your cheeses?

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