Why Do We NEED To Dial 406?

I was gonna spend my energy on my article today whining about having to dial 406 in front of all my Montana phone numbers. But when I looked it up, I changed my tune. And my timing is pretty good too.

We started having to dial 406 on every call again last October. That changed because of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Their number is 988. Just 3 digits. And here in Montana, we had several areas with a 988 prefix.

This move was done by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator. I didn't know we even had one of these. And I have no idea what its official duties might be.

So, I'm guessing, to get us trained... that happened last October. And the 988 just officially became active last Sunday. So anybody in need of their services no longer has to look up the 10-digit number. Anyone can call this number for suicide prevention and emergency mental health counseling.

To call 911, that also stays just three digits.

And after everybody updated the numbers already saved in their cell phones, this really isn't a factor for most people.

Hello, Operator?

Because our studio is old school, and we still take people's phone numbers for contests, I occasionally have to put in a couple of extra 406s at my job. And with all of the issues that we have had lately with modern technology, I have no problem dialing the phone the old-fashioned way.

Hey, at least our studio phone isn't a rotary dial. Kid, ask your grandparents about those.

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