In case you haven't heard, I am not a "do it yourself-er". I have reached the point in life where I will whip out a credit card to get any job handled so fast that it will dazzle you.

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This was the first year that I was going to hire a lawn service, but because of the size of my GI-normous lawn, the cost kept me from doing so. I mean I'm lazy, but I'm also fairly tight with my money. Plus, my John Deere rider has a cup holder, and I have mostly spare time. So, I am my own lawn service.

I haven't hired a house cleaner because my daughter is 16 and needs gas money.

I ran across an ad from a guy on Facebook this morning whose number I'm going to hang on to. I need to start reducing how much crap that I own. But when you do that, you either have to have a rummage sale (which is the hardest that you'll ever work to make $300.00) or haul it to the dump. This guy will make your dump runs for you. So, your part is just filling up this guy's trailer and watching him drive away. You don't have to secure the load properly, then drive to the dump, wait in line, unload all that stuff that you just loaded, and go back home and do it again. I like this way better.

Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM
Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM

I don't know what he charges, and don't care.

I'll make the whole process sound like a Denny Menholt commercial. EVERYTHING must go!

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