Today, I'm talking about the 105. As in 59105. Billings Heights.

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Time To Separate From Billings

What would you say to breaking off from greater Billings and just starting our own town? And the first thing we're doing is to stop paying all of greater Billings' taxes. And keep heights money in the heights.

My first thoughts are that we are gonna have to get a Krispy Kreme Donut location. And Chick-Fil-A can't be far behind.

We've already got a premier water park with Oasis. (where kids 3 and under are free)

How Many Live In The Heights?

According to a 2021 census, there are at least 34,000 citizens in our newly declared town, with 509 of you not being U.S. born. And 52.24% of the population is male. 47.55% female.

What else do we need out our way? Can we get a Fuddruckers back up here?

A couple more good steak joints, maybe. What do you say... Texas Roadhouse and Outback? I don't eat at those places much right now because it's a twenty-minute drive each way.

I know it's a lot to hope for a second Rib & Chop House so close together. So, how about Rio Sabinas bringing some of those yummy lost Corona Ritas to our zip code?

We could use a bar/restaurant that will build a nice patio for outdoor dining.

Moving From The Townsquare Tower?

And I will happily petition our higher-ups to get Cat Country moved to the heights. And no matter where we land, the parking is going to be better.

Now we have to decide on a new town name.

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