I'm going to have to contact my congressman. We need to legislate a "cancel button" on every website.

The way it is now, you can sign up and even upgrade services on most websites...if you want to cancel, you have to call. I did this recently, and I heard: "Thank you for calling such and such. Your call is extremely important to us. Your expected wait time is currently 73 minutes." Really?

So, I set my cell phone on the kitchen counter with the call on "speaker" so I would hear when they acknowledged me. I was on the other side of the room when they came on the line. And what I heard sounded like it was one word. "HellomynameisJavierhowcanIhelpyou" click. I didn't call back. And I'll admit that is a good way to never have clients cancel, but I'm still going to.

The businesses that have a more reasonable wait time inevitably have a representative whose first language isn't English. They always ask me if I'm sure that I want to cancel. Do you often have people call to cancel who aren't sure? Because when I decide to cancel something, that's the end of the discussion for me.

So, I propose that we make it a law that every service offers a cancel button on their websites.

Not watching as much TV during the summer months? Click on "cancel". Boom. Money saved. Problem solved.

Society is pushing us so hard to do everything on our phones. So, let's be able to cancel with them.

Currently, by not using the McDonald's app, I'm being cheated out of a free large fries. I'll talk to Congress about that next.

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