I like to pay with cash where I can. A lot of times I'll charge it so that the bill doesn't eat up all of the cash that I have on me. Plus, I always need to have cash on me so when my daughter calls on "First Bank Of Dad," I'll have cash ready to hand over. I just like having the option of paying cash or charging it.

I saw a post this morning that Taco John's is leaning toward going totally digital. Which will make me go to drive-thrus that still take cash.

It seems like the younger generation pays with their cards these days. In fact, Paul and I recently walked through our office and polled our coworkers (who are all younger than us) and our entire staff had less than a hundred bucks combined. Which blew my mind.

There were many years when I wasn't making enough money to carry any extra with me. So, I always tend to have a few bucks on me. "Walking around money" is what my dad called it.

I understand why a business would want to go cashless. No tills to balance, no time spent handling the cash, and it's hard to rob a joint that doesn't have any cash to give you.

I guarantee that every waiter, waitress, and bartender still wants cash to be an option. People who pay with cash historically tip better, and it's a possibility that a lot of that doesn't get reported to the IRS.

So, I still pay with cash. And I tip better than you do.

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