I can't even count how many times I've been to Mexico and to the area south of Cancun. I've kind of already done all of the touristy stuff. So my week in Mexico was about staying in place at Secrets Akumal.

For those who were going for the first time, it's more of a go-see-and-do as much as you can situation.I encourage everybody to swim with the dolphins, explore the caves, rent a fishing boat or go see the ruins. You should do that kind of stuff. But I'm a little spoiled because I've been there, done that. Got the t-shirt and hat. So, my week tended to be more "social."

Sitting with our travel agent, Carol, each morning by the lobby bar was how most of my mid-mornings got going. And residing in the jungle that weaves itself all the way through the resort, are Coatis. The Coatis are just like the raccoons. They forage in the garbage cans, and they also tend to have quite a few offspring in every litter. Physically, they are kind of a taller raccoon with a longer tail, and not surprisingly, they are quite docile.

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I tried to get this little fella to take some food out of my hand in front of a, "Please don't feed the animals" sign, but couldn't quite get that done.

Our group named this guy "Wilson" due to the fact that he tended to like the gals who tried to feed him a little better, and also because of all of the back hair. Ha, ha. Very funny.

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