Flakes Trip 2021

Meet “Wilson” the Coatis
Sitting with our travel agent, Carol, each morning by the lobby bar was how most of my mid-mornings got going. And residing in the jungle that weaves itself all the way through the resort, are Coatis.
Mark’s Inviting You To Rub It In
As I was staring out the window this morning thinking about all of the places that we've been on Flakes trips, I thought that there surely must be awesome spots that I haven't been to yet.
Hello, 2021: Friday Fragments
I don't know if I've ever needed a break from the job more than I did in December. While I was off I didn't watch one single newcast, local or national. It really did the trick. I was excited to get back to work. I'm thankful to have a job that I really enjoy.

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