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Every year on our trips I make sure to see as many sunrises as possible. There's just something about being on the beach with a cup of coffee watching the day start. And laugh at the things that run through my mind.

  • "Is my room number four six one EIGHT, or four six one EIGHTEEN?"
  • "How do you go on one of these trips twenty-five times and forget to pack deodorant, dummy?"
  • "I wonder what day it is?"
  • "I wonder whatever happened to that girl I had a crush on in seventh grade?"
  • "Between resorts and cruise ship stops, I wonder how many times I have been to Mexico?"
  • "I think it's kind of funny if someone sees you drinking a screwdriver in Billings at 7:30 a.m., you have a problem. But If you're doing it at a resort in Mexico, they think that maybe they will have one too."

And usually, about mid-week, I'll grab a beer and head down to the beach. Then, I'll find Luke Bryan's "Drink A Beer" and play it. I do that each year for my brother who lost his battle with cancer seven years ago.

And he had died just a couple of weeks before our trip. I really, really didn't want to still go. I thought that the last thing I wanted to do was be around a bunch of people. But I got talked into going. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made.

I ended up talking with others in our group who had lost their siblings early. Overall, it was really quite therapeutic.

So, if you see me sitting on the beach this year by myself, you will know what I'm thinking about.

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