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This year while spending time at Secrets Akumal I made sure to get plenty of pictures to document my week. And I'll post one each day this week and tell you a little about it.

This one is the first photo I took at the resort. This was my view from in front of the coffee shop. Paul & I would meet up with about a half dozen of the husbands each morning and have coffee while the wives were waking up and getting ready for breakfast.

The café where you ate breakfast didn't open until 7 a.m. and our body clocks still woke us up early down there, so it was a good thing that you could get coffee twenty-four hours a day.

My building was the closest to the Coco Café, which was the coffee place. After a couple of days, if anybody wanted to talk to us, they knew where to find us.

The pond adjacent to it was full of Koi. I may have spent enough time there to tell you that they turn the fountains on at seven o'clock each morning and shut off all the lights at sunrise.

I had a celebrity sighting from there that I'll fill you in on later in the week.

For those of you who sent messages that read something to the effect of, "Have a drink for me," I did. Each and every one of you. Some of you got a mango margarita, while some got double screwdrivers (called day sal ma door or some such name). Many of you were toasted over drinks containing Crown Royal. While many who got their requests in late had to settle for Corona Lights. Warm Corona Lights.

For all of the great things about Mexico, one of the not so great things is warm beer. Seriously. They restock the pool bars each morning but they don't get beer from refrigerated storage. They just grab as many cases from beer storage as they need and put it in their coolers, but they don't have time to cool it down to the temperature we spoiled Americans are used to.

But, not to worry. Mark fixed that. One twenty-dollar bill to the little guy who stocks the room fridges and I had all the cold beer that I could drink.

I also got a bucket of beer on ice with my room service which also featured sushi and shrimp tacos. It was a very good week.

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