Hi folks. Mark Wilson here to help anybody who has recently moved to Montana with their driving. Hopefully, this will help you understand a little bit more about driving around the less populated areas of our state.

I ran up behind this guy yesterday afternoon and I wasn't upset because I couldn't see his tail lights or license plate. Because this man is moving pipe from one field to another. And he doesn't want any of the pipes flying off and making him have to stop, back up the pickup and trailer, and reload the dang thing.

And if you've never moved pipe when it's 100 degrees outside and your pickup isn't air-conditioned, then you know why these guys tend to be a little crabby.

Then when there was a spot where I could get around him, I waved as I passed the cab of his pickup. He waved back.

See? We have communicated Montana style.

And the wave is a pretty important part of rural communication. Out here it's not just Jeep owners waving only to other Jeep owners. It's everybody waving to everybody. If you don't wave after you get waved at, you are most likely a bad person.

And if you don't get waved to at first, then it's you. And you should probably reevaluate how you have chosen to live your life. Trust me. Nobody wants to be the person that doesn't get waved at. Because if you are, then you will become the person that nobody stops to pull out of snow banks in the wintertime.

This public service message for recent transplants is brought to you by the Breakfast Flakes.

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