Hey, there is a bit of good news in the entertainment world. Even though the Home of Champions rodeo has been canceled, the rodeo in Roundup is still going to take place the first week of July. While driving in this morning I noticed the marquee at Metra is advertising the Montana Fair in August so that's a go. This morning we went over the info on Homesteader Days in Huntley and that's still a go July 10 with the concert and dance. A few new rules will be in place. Like, you can only dance with a family member, but that will increase the number of people coming from the North of town. All in all, things are starting to head in the right direction. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Correction: an earlier version of the story said the Roundup R.I.D.E was still scheduled, which is not the case. The cancellation notice can be seen here.

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