Where are you on getting autographs? Working in radio, I've met a million autograph seekers. "Will you sign my shirt/hat/album/cassette/program?" I realize that for many, it's one of their few chances to get close to somebody they really admire. And then after they get it, they've got that story to tell people.

I was no different. I got to meet The Judds, George Strait, and Garth Brooks. I got them all to sign something. The only one that I think I could find today would be the shirt that Garth signed because I still have several concert t-shirts in a downstairs closet. Although sadly, none are signed by Sheryl Crow.

We've got some bling in our studio from Garth, Vince Gill, and Clay Walker. But those are only still on our wall because it's cheaper than decorating.

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Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM
Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM

At the Paul McCartney concert at Washington-Grizzly Stadium ten years ago, I saw Sir Paul autograph a person! True story. She said that after the concert, she was going to a tattoo parlor and getting it inked up permanently. I love your enthusiasm, but please don't write to me.

I know people who have rooms dedicated to their autographed guitars. With the internet and charity auctions, these days it's easier to obtain those things.

And back when Paul & I did our school lunch visits, we'd have entire grade schools bring napkins up for us to sign. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that none of those are still around.

I get an occasional picture of a Flakes Coffee mug or a Cat Country shirt from the early days. But no surviving autographs from us.

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