I am like a lot of you out there that have old appliances. Sometimes you just know that they should be replaced but as long as they are working, why. It's funny how people are quick to pull the trigger on TVs or phones but will get every last drop of life out of a stove or refrigerator.

I have an old refrigerator that needs to go but it works well. It's noisy but cold. I read an article that said if your appliance is 20 years old you could pay for a new one in three years with just the energy savings. IN fact, I bought this fridge new in 1986, its the oldest appliance in the house. Appliance makers are smart though, they know how much it takes to repair a stove, dishwasher, or washing machine then price parts and labor to the point where it's better to buy new.

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My main air-conditioning unit was put in in 2000. that thing still works great but has been beat to hell with a hailstorm after a hailstorm. The only one I really closely watch is the hot water heater. When they fail it can be catastrophic if you are not home or on vacation.

Warranty coverage is worthless because it's usually too expensive and they tend to pro-rate it based on its age. Dryers are another one but I can usually put in a new heating element and get by. Which reminds me maybe with all of these old appliances I should make sure my batteries are good in the smoke detectors ..LOL

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