Today would've been my brother Johns 42nd birthday. And I found this old photo from when he came to see me when I was going to college and working at a radio station. And a pizza place. And driving school bus. And playing dances on weekends.

John loved the fact that I was on the radio, but was much more impressed with the fact that I got to drive a big old school bus around.

We lost him to leukemia coming up on 5 years ago. Still miss him , but now we celebrate him when we talk about him. Which is what he wanted.

I cherish all the time we got to spend together the last couple years of his life. And every time Tim McGraws "Live Like You Were Dying" comes on, I tear up some. John lived his life like that.

Through sharing his story, I have heard from hundreds of people who also have lost loved ones too young. Thanks for taking the time to share your stories with me.

Today I celebrate my hero.

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