I am one of the biggest shooting enthusiasts that you'll ever meet. I'll join my brothers in the streets to defend our second amendment. But I'm not a hunter.

I didn't grow up hunting. My dad had no interest and I followed in his footsteps. But my folks divorced when I was eleven and my mom remarried. He was a hunter, hiker, and camper, all kinds of outdoor activities that involved being cold.

He decided that he was going to make a man out of me. And he would do that by setting up a hunting camp in the mountains. This would be the first and only time that I would ever be involved with setting up a tent in four feet of snow. I know this to be true because this hunt occurred in 1977 and I haven't done it again since.

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So, get the tent set up. Followed by the cookstove for heat. ( I didn't know what carbon monoxide poisoning was at the time) And every blanket that we own.

Now, let's "scout". For those of you who don't know what scouting is, I'll explain. You leave your fairly warm tent and walk around the hills that you'll be hunting in the next day. If you actually see deer someplace, there is little chance that they will be there the next day when the season is officially open and you have your rifle, but it gives the lead hunter in your group the idea that he now "knows what the deer are thinking".

The next morning we get up before the sun comes up. (Which is very popular with teenagers) you go to where the deer WERE. Then you spend all day looking for them.

Congratulations. You have now "hunted". We didn't get anything that time out, but I'll always remember it.

I will continue to hunt at Albertson's and Costco. I always fill my tag there.

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