Today's article will be both half-empty and half-full. The half-full part is being at the stage of a career spent in broadcast where I mostly like everything about my job. Management doesn't micromanage our topics or our show. I've got somebody to talk to every day. iI's inside and we leave for the day at 10.

Most of the half-empty stuff happened at the beginning of my career. Things like working at least one or two additional jobs. Time off was rare. In fact, at the first job, I got a day off every fifth Sunday. At the time I would pick up remotes because they paid extra and around the holidays I would cover shifts for people on vacation.

Any appearance that required the use of the station vehicle. Look in the dictionary under the word "Neglect", and you'll see every radio station vehicle that has existed. Taking care of them isn't anybody's particular job. So, sometimes it will start at the end of your event and sometimes you come back and get it the next day.

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Here are some words of wisdom for anyone who wants a career in radio. Generally, at the start of your radio career, you're working overnights, from midnight to six a.m. And you're going to get phone calls from the most interesting people in your listening area. Always play their requests. It's beneficial for your safety.

Next, have roommates. You'll need help with the rent. and don't do like I did. Do some sort of background check on your potential roomies. The technology is there. And if this applicant got kicked out of his last place for smearing Jello on the floor because he thought the monsters were coming, you'd want to know that before he moved his stuff in.

Pretty quickly you learn to navigate the difficult people and be on your way to radio bliss, but, just in case, never unpack all of your stuff until you've been somewhere for a few years.

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