• My Ring Doorbell alerted me to somebody going into my house this week. So, I mobilized my neighborhood watch response team. And the response time was epic!
  • Note to self, Friday is your new garbage day and you should not call the cops on the neighbor who comes and puts your can out to get dumped. Got it.
  • I hate my work computer a tiny bit less than I did yesterday. But that is because I don't have to see it for sixty seven hours.
  • I hope you heard the National Anthem that we played where the crowd took over. Goosebumps!
  • I forgot that I should no longer order the "Inferno Burger" when I take my daughter to Fuddruckers. Getting older ain't for sissies.
  • I didn't make all fifty-two holes for my friend's fifty-second birthday. Golfers elbow. It's a thing.
  • My neighbors repay favors with Bud Light Lime and Fireball. That's one reason why my neighbors are cooler than yours. Another is the Neighborhood Watch thing.
  • Have golf Clubs. Will Travel. And coming up on June 25th I'm playing in the Optimist Tournament again this year. If you want to help a great organization, this is one of the good ones. Also, this is a great tournament for ladies to play in. Lot's of prizes for both sexes but so few women play in this one. www.billingsoptimist.org.

And Monday is the sixth anniversary of my dad's death. I'm going to play some of his songs and tell some stories. One of the great lines that I've heard was "No matter what their age, you are never ready to lose a parent."

Have a great weekend.

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