Over the past few months, there have been several phrases and comments made on The Breakfast Flakes morning show that have taken on a life of their own.

Now, you can make a statement with these new t-shirts and hoodies that were inspired by some of our favorite Mark and Paul moments.

After helping his son move to California, Paul returned from "The Golden State" with a promise that he's repeated several times during the show, and many others from Montana feel the same. If you side with the farmer, get your I'M NEVER GOING BACK TO CALIFORNIA t-shirt.

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It's available in several colors, sizes up to 2XL, and in a long-sleeve and hoodie.

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If you've tuned in for ANY amount of time over the last few months, you definitely heard Mark and Paul discussing the inconsistencies with COVID-19 "science." Why can college football in Tennessee be played and it's safe, but they can't play football in the Big Sky Conference? This is where Mark plays the clip from Thomas Dolby song.."SCIENCE!"

A regular Flakes response to many of the frustrating COVID-19 mandates. "It's Science!" Now you can buy the t-shirt, in may colors and sizes.

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We have the popular Cat Country 102.9 face masks, and get ready for fall with the 189th Montana Redneck Battalion hoodies and long-sleeve shirts. CLICK HERE to get yours.

WIN a History of Cat Country 102.9 T-shirt if we use your question on a 23 Floors with The Flakes episode. Binge watch them all on the Cat Country 102.9 YouTube Channel.

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